Body Shop

Body Shop

The unthinkable has happened… You have been in an auto accident.  Now what?  Let our easy to work with team at Chippewa Auto help you out!  Not only will our experienced body shop get your car back out on the road in tip-top shape, but we will also help out by not leaving you stranded!  One of the most asked questions we get is if we have loaner cars.  YES WE DO!  And the best part is they are FREE!  We can also help you out with your deductible.  So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today!

FREE loaner cars!

Are you worried about how you will get around when you have your car at Chippewa Auto’s body shop?  There is no need to worry any longer.  We have set ourselves apart from our competitors by supplying you with a free loaner car while your car is in the shop!  We know how it is to be without transportation and our busy lives cannot go on when we are stranded!  Customer service is our number one priority.  We are here for you!


Having an auto accident is not something that we plan into our budgets.  So when the inevitable happens, we are not always prepared financially to take care of business while our car is getting fixed at the body shop!  No need to worry any longer.  We are a family oriented business who thrives on helping others out.  Come talk to us and let us see what we can do to help you out with your insurance deductible.